How you can use TestGorilla assessments within the ATS

You can connect TestGorilla with to automate certain features of the platform. This article explains how that works. The integration is available on the Pro plan and can be enabled by users with Admin or Owner access. 

Please check with regarding the plan and access level needed on their side to make this work.

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  1. Set up the integration
    1. Connect the integration
    2. Configure the integration
  2. Use the integration
    1. Using for...
    2. Usage recommendations
  3. Common questions

Set up the integration

The integration between and TestGorilla is turned on from inside your TestGorilla account and the setup is configured inside

Connect the integration

You must be a TestGorilla Admin or Owner to be able to complete this step.

From within the TestGorilla application:

Click your name in the top right corner of the browser and select the Integrations option from the drop-down menu.
Locate the integration and click the Enable button.
Copy your API key.


Configure the integration

You’ll need to check with to ensure you have the right plan and access level to continue with this step.

From inside your account:

Create a scenario inside your account.
Choose TestGorilla as your module and select an event.
Select Connect TestGorilla and click on Sign in.
Paste the API key.


Use the integration

You can use TestGorilla as the trigger or as the action for your zap. As is an automation platform, there are thousands of choices you can make when connecting TestGorilla to another app.


Using for…

The practical uses of and TestGorilla are many, we encourage you to play around with the integration to get a feel for everything that is out there.

When it comes to trigger events, they are currently available when a candidate starts or completes an assessment. When used as an action, you can use to invite a candidate from TestGorilla.

If you want to use's inbuilt tools for filtering, formatting, or delay, you can parse even more information from the assessment - such as its name, candidate results, candidate’s email address, and much more. 


Usage recommendations

We are continuing to develop this integration, which means we are looking at practical examples to include as ideas here, in the help center and on the platform.

As we learn from what is being automated, we will make creating zaps with TestGorilla a better user experience.

This is an ongoing process, if you’d like to get involved by sharing your feedback and ideas, please contact us.


Common questions

Why aren’t my TestGorilla assessments appearing in

ATS integrations will only recognize assessments created after the integration is enabled.

What do I enter in the “Order ID” field in the “Invite a candidate” action module? provides the ability to enter a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), which will be dynamically generated when the action is executed by


What do I enter in the “Send Assessment Results to URL” field in the “Invite a candidate” action module?

You can either provide your webhook URL where TestGorilla will publish the candidate attempts status such as OrderInProgress (Candidate assessment is in progress) and OrderComplete (Candidate assessment is completed), or you can create another scenario in using the webhook module and add the following data structure in the webhook module by clicking Edit->Advanced settings. 

{"type":"NotifyAssessmentReport", "payload": {"orderId": "aee172a2-c641-4eb4-9005-4e58ad10d302"}}

Click on Generate in the Advanced settings of the webhook module as shown below.


Is there a way to get the results for all tests rather than the average score for the whole assessment?

No, we do not currently offer support for this feature with the integratoin.

Can we also integrate with

Our integration with is hosted on the .com region. There is no alternative.

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