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How you can use TestGorilla assessments within the iCIMS ATS

You can connect TestGorilla to your iCIMS account, allowing you to invite candidates to an assessment and see the summarized results inside iCIMS. This article explains how that works. The iCIMS integration is available on the Pro plan and can be enabled by users with Admin or Owner access. 

TestGorilla is available on the standard version.

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In this article

  1. Set up the integration
    1. Connect the integration
    2. Configure the integration
  2. Use the integration
    1. Use assessment with a job
    2. Send assessment to a candidate
  3. Review results
  4. Disable the integration

Set up the integration

The iCIMS integration must be enabled by our customer success team. Please contact us if you would like to enable it. For security reasons, this request must come from one of the Admins of your TestGorilla account.

We will reach out to iCIMS to obtain the necessary credentials and then turn the integration on for you. 

 Note: This process can take 2 - 5 business days.


Use the integration

Once you receive confirmation from our customer success team that your integration has been enabled, you’ll be able to begin using iCIMS with new assessments.

Use assessment with a job

To add an assessment to a job, you must first create it in TestGorilla before using it in iCIMS.

  1. Select Create in the top left corner and the Job option.
  2. Scroll down to the Screening section and add the assessment you created in TestGorilla.
  3. Fill out the remaining information and finish.

Send assessment to a candidate

With your newly created job ad, follow these steps to invite candidates:

  1. Choose a candidate and click on Actions.
  2. Select Submit to job and locate the correct job post.
  3. Add the job and click Submit.
  4. On the right side panel under applications, click on the created application.
  5. Under Advanced, choose Send to TestGorilla.

Your candidate will then receive an email invitation.

Tip: If you can’t locate your candidate, check if you created them in the iCIMS platform.


Review results

Once the candidate completes the assessment, you will be able to review their score from iCIMS.

  1. Open the candidate profile and select Additional info.
  2. On the left side, open the Screen tab.

The results section in iCIMS includes:

  • Anti-cheating monitor information
  • Detailed test scores


Disable the integration

If you decide to stop using iCIMS with TestGorilla, follow these steps to disable the integration:

  1. In TestGorilla, click your name in the top right corner of the browser and select the Integrations option from the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Disable button on the iCIMS integration.
  3. Hit the Disable button on the popup that appears asking you to confirm your choice.
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