Interpreting typing test results

A guide to interpreting results of a typing test. 

Typing tests are technical tests designed to gauge a candidate’s typing speed and accuracy. This article explains how to read and understand the report. Typing tests are available on all plans.

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  1. Overall result
  2. Typing test report
  3. Which typing test should I use?
  4. Setting typing test filters
  5. Common questions

Overall result

The overall result is found in the Test section of the candidates' results page:

Here you can see the speed and accuracy the candidate achieved.

Click View report to view the detailed test report.


Typing test report

The typing test report appears as a new tab in your browser.

Score. The score reflects the candidate’s Words per Minute (WPM) or Keystrokes per Hour (KPH) as well as their accuracy in percentage. 

The WPM/KPH measures the candidate’s typing speed, while the accuracy percentage indicates how accurately the candidate typed in comparison to the original text. 

Results. The results text displays what the candidate has typed. You can watch a replay of the candidate’s typing activity. Information provided here includes:

  • Keystrokes. The replay shows each keystroke made by the candidate during the test. This includes all characters typed, including any errors or corrections
  • Timing. The replay shows the duration between each keystroke, allowing you to assess the candidate’s typing rhythm and efficiency. 
  • Errors. Any errors such as misspelled words, omitted characters, or incorrect punctuation are highlighted.

You can Play or Pause the replay at any time.


Which typing test should I use?

When selecting a typing test, it is important to take into account the requirements of the job role.


A typing speed test evaluates the candidates’ typing speed and accuracy of words and punctuation. This type of test is most useful for roles that require efficient typing skills. 


A 10-key typing test is a specific type of typing test that focuses on the numeric keypad. This test is useful in evaluating candidates’ suitability for roles that involve frequent utilization of numbers and calculations.


For a full list of the typing tests available, click here


Setting typing test filters

To filter typing test results, click on an assessment containing a typing test and then click on More filters. This will open up the filter panel, from which you can set a Min WPM and Max WPM for each typing test included in the assessment. 


Common questions

Can candidates take a typing test on mobile devices or tablets?

No - when starting an assessment that contains a typing test, candidates will be shown the screen below:

This warning notifies them that the assessment contains a test that requires the use of a keyboard. If the candidate is not on a device with a keyboard, they can exit the assessment and resume it from another device. 

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