Release notes, January 2024

Product update: Modify or remove assessment deadlines

January 26th, 2024

To provide a seamless experience, you can now modify or remove deadlines from expired assessments. This avoids the need to duplicate an assessment that has already expired when inviting additional candidates.

Candidates who were previously invited but have not yet completed the assessment will receive an email notification informing them of the updated deadline.

Setting deadlines is key to ensuring candidates take the assessment within a specific time frame, and it will boost the overall completion rate of your assessments!



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Test update: New version of the Critical Thinking test

January 31st, 2024

Our science team is continuously improving our tests so you always have the most valid and reliable version available. We’ve now released an updated version of our highly popular Critical Thinking test, so you can find not just any talent, but the best.

This new version includes:

  • New questions, for more accurate evaluation of complex cognitive skills and reasoning.
  • Improved structure, to help candidates understand and perform better during the assessment.
  • Diverse skill areas, that align with the content included in the new version.

Unlock the new version with a new assessment

If you're in the middle of recruitment using the previous version of the test, don't worry, your assessment is still active and valid. 

  • Already have several candidates? If you've already evaluated many candidates with the older version, it's best to continue with the same assessment to maintain consistency and fairness.

  • Only a few candidates so far? If you've just started and expect more candidates, consider cloning the assessment. While asking existing candidates to retake the test in the new version is not ideal, it ensures a fairer and more accurate assessment of their skills.

  • Using your assessment on a rolling basis? If the test is part of your ongoing assessment process, I recommend switching to the new version at a time that works best for you.

Note: We don’t recommend comparing candidate results obtained from assessments containing two different versions of the test. Although we expect the difficulty level to be the same, comparing the two versions would not be considered good practice.

If you need a hand with cloning your assessment, take a look at the Cloning an assessment article.


Latest test releases

New tests

📍Risk Management

This Risk Management test evaluates a candidate’s ability to identify, assess, and mitigate business risks. This screening test will help you hire experts who can enhance decision-making and ensure continuous improvement and organizational resilience.

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📍Neural Networks

This Neural Network test evaluates a candidate's ability to design, optimize, and apply advanced neural network technologies. This screening test will help you hire AI specialists who can innovate and drive business growth with neural networks.

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📍Coding: Data Structures – Linked Lists

This intermediate-level coding test evaluates candidates' ability to manipulate linked lists, in the programming language of their choice. You can configure which programming languages will be available for your candidates.

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Updated tests

  • Microsoft Excel (general)
  • Warehouse Picker
  • Portuguese - Portugal (proficient/C1)
  • Critical Thinking

400+ tests are waiting for you in our library. Explore them here.

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