Release notes, December 2023

New in: Introducing the Free Forever Plan!

December 2nd, 2023 

Are you ready to go unlimited, for free? We’ve re-designed our Free plan to better meet the needs of companies, just starting off with skills-based hiring. Get hands-on with our most popular features and tests and discover how assessments can improve your recruitment metrics. 

The following features are included in the TestGorilla free subscription plan:

  • 5 free tests and 5 custom questions
  • Qualifying questions
  • Unlimited candidate invitations
  • Customization of invitation and rejection emails
  • Help and support for your candidates
  • Candidate reporting and benchmarking
  • Anti-cheating measures
  • And much more! 

See the details of all the features and benefits included with the Free plan in this article.

👀 If you still haven’t joined the list of companies thriving with TestGorilla, do so for free here.


New in: Explore the most used tests for your job role with the Popular tag

December 6th, 2023 

Finding the best tests for your assessment keeps getting easier. Find the tests that are used the most by companies hiring for the same job role you are

Simply check the Popular box

Once you are in the test library or in the 2nd step of the assessment creation process, check the box where it says “Popular”. The platform will display a selection of the tests that have been used the most by other companies when creating assessments for the same job role.




Product update: A faster candidate invitation experience

December 14th, 2023

You want to find the best talent in your talent pool by assessing as many candidates as possible. To make that happen, we streamlined how you invite candidates, reducing the number of needed clicks and making it faster.

Add multiple emails and automatic share links

You can now easily add multiple emails at once when inviting candidates. Additionally, bulk invites show a list of invited candidates, allowing you to review all potential candidates before confirming the invitations.

Share links are enabled by default, so you always have them ready to add to your job posts.


⭐ Remember, assessing candidates early in the recruiting process will enable you to find the best candidates in your talent pool.




Latest test releases

New tests

📍Store First-Line Management

This Store First-Line Management test evaluates a candidate’s ability to lead and optimize retail operations. This screening test will help you hire experts who ensure efficient teams, outstanding customer service, and strategic business growth.

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📍Advanced Networking in Azure

This Advanced Networking in Azure test assesses candidates' ability to design, secure, and optimize Azure network solutions. Use this test to identify experts who can leverage the Azure ecosystem for your organization’s success.

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📍Advanced Networking in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

This Advanced Networking in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) test assesses candidates’ ability to design, secure, and manage network architectures on GCP. This screening test will help you hire experts in building resilient, secure, and scalable solutions.

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📍Network Engineering

This Network Engineering test assesses candidates' proficiency in effective network management. This screening test will help you hire network engineers who can improve your business’ security, reliability, performance, and efficiency.

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📍Coding: Data Structures - Arrays

This intermediate-level coding test evaluates candidates' ability to manipulate arrays, crucial for code optimization, in the programming language of their choice. You can configure which programming languages will be available for your candidates.

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📍Data Analytics in Excel

This Data Analytics in Excel test evaluates a candidate’s ability to perform a range of data analysis tasks. This screening test will help you hire experts who can implement Excel functions and formulas, employ data validation skills, and create visuals.

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📍Coding: Debugging

This intermediate-level coding challenge focuses on candidates’ ability to interpret and debug code, based on a set of requirements, in the programming language of their choice. You can configure which programming languages will be available.

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Updated tests

  • Outside Sales (B2B)
  • Email marketing
  • Computer literacy (PC)
  • Email skills (Gmail)
  • Microsoft Word
  • AWS
  • Bootstrap
  • Flask

400+ tests are waiting for you in our library. Explore them here.


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